The stories knocking EVs are plain wrong, says writer Richard

Posted on March 5, 2012 by in Blog, Latest News, News

Richard Seireeni is a big fan of Nissan's LEAF

THOSE ringing endorsements of Nissan’s all-electric LEAF just keep on coming.

This latest one is an interesting read. It’s written by brand expert Richard Seireeni, the author of a book entitled¬†The Gort Cloud.

It appears on the Huffington Post website, where Richard mounts a determined defence of the LEAF in the face of a few articles that have had a bit of a go at electric vehicles recently.

(It’s recently been reported that researchers from an American university claim electric cars in China have an overall impact on pollution that could be more harmful to health than petrol-powered vehicles.)

Richard, however, is in no doubt: ‘These stories are deceptive and wrong,’ he says.

And then he waxes lyrical about his experiences driving his Nissan LEAF, which he says ‘has plenty of power, plenty of room for a family of four and plenty of trunk [boot] space.

He adds: ‘We live at the top of a very steep hill. This car has no problem accelerating up the hill, and it’s easy as pie to plug in. If you can remember to plug in your cell phone, you can remember to plug in your EV.’

Read Richard’s thoughts in full here.





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