Live in the east of England? Here's a great charging point offer

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PROPERTY owners and motorists in the East of England can apply for a free, fully-installed electric vehicle charge point.

Applicants can take advantage of a government grant for an intelligent wall-mounted charge point and its installation, which would normally cost upwards of £1,000,

As regular visitors to Pure-driving will know, electric cars are increasing in popularity all the time with the introduction of reasonably-priced family car models in 2013, and the number of electric car drivers is set to double every year – although the funding can be applied whether or not there is currently an electric car at the property, and may also be applicable to charge points installed in workplaces.

The grant funding offer ends on March 31.

The case for electric motoring becomes ever more persuasive. The vast majority of motorists drive under 30 miles day in their cars – well within the range of an electric car – and 100 miles of motoring costs just over £2 in an electric car (charged off-peak) compared to over £12 in a petrol or diesel-driven car.

Free membership

The East of England as a priority region for the Department for Transport’s Plugged In Places funding, and has a network of public charging points in towns and cities in Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

People applying for a charging point using the grant funding get a free membership of Source East, which also allows them to charge their cars in the capital’s EV charging networks using a roaming agreement that is in place with Source London.

Readers wanting more information about this offer, and how to apply for it, should email or call 0207 247 4114.

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