Jersey’s first public EV charging points are up and running

Posted on February 21, 2013 by in Latest News, News

70579-a-nisTHE first public electric vehicle charging points in Jersey have gone live.

The two charging points in the car park at Sand Street, St Helier, mean drivers of emissions-free cars such as Nissan’s all-electric LEAF can charge their cars while shopping.

The charging points have been unveiled as part of a strategy by the government of Jersey to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Jersey’s Transport Minister, Kevin Lewis, said it was hoped that by 2050, carbon emissions would be just 20 per cent of the levels they reached in 1990.

He added that more charging points would be installed on the island in the coming months.

Chris Ambler, chief executive officer of Jersey Electricity, the island’s supplier, said the company had long been committed to helping Jersey cut its carbon emissions, and saw the increased use of electric vehicles as the next step.

He told the BBC: ‘As more and more EVs come on to the market, it is important that public confidence in electric transport is enhanced by an accessible and reliable charging infrastructure.’


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